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Not all lenders are created equal. The fact is there are two types of lenders…those that deliver on their locked rates and quoted closing costs…and the others that do not. There are no laws that require a lender to deliver on their initial promises and that is why you need to arm yourself with the power of knowledge.

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Why do interest rates vary from lender to lender?


What are the key questions I should ask a lender and why?


Are VA loans always the best option when eligible?

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Quick Mortgage Calculator

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Additional Payment Calculator

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Should I Pay Discount Points?

Not sure if you should pay discount points on your mortgage loan?

Mortgage Resources & Guides


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How to Cut 10 Years Off Your Mortgage

Take the first step toward improving your credit score.


How Appraisals Affect Mortgage Interest Rates

This 3 minute eye-opening video will change how you view the appraisal process.

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