Checklist to Improve Your Credit Score

Whether you are looking to increase your credit score as a personal goal, or for an upcoming loan you’d like to take out, our underwriters have created a checklist to help you improve your credit score.

1. Check Credit Report for Errors

  • Talk to the credit bureau
  • Clearly identify each inaccurate item
  • Explain why it’s incorrect
  • Request deletion or correction

2. Pay Bills on Time

  • Set up payment reminders
  • Designate days to pay bills
  • Pay your bills twice a month
  • Record when every bill is paid
  • Pay of highest interest rate first
  • Make extra payments when possible
  • Pay off new debt to credit cards in entirety every month

3. Keep Balances Low

  • Get credit card transaction alerts
  • Track balances online
  • Plan credit card use
  • Monitor the main cause of growing balance
  • Stay below 50% of limit

4. Utilize Existing Accounts

  • Limit to 2-3 cards
  • Use all cards regularly
  • Ask for a higher balance
  • Lower credit utilization rate
  • Keep your cards open for longer history

5. Keep Inquiries Down

  • Only check credit score when absolutely necessary
  • Apply for loans within the 14-, 30- or 45- day window

If you’re looking to purchase a home and are wondering if you will be pre-approved, find out today without a credit pull.