Rate rollback program

We're Rolling Back Rates
to 2021 levels for
Home Buyers!

Now you can escape the 2022 interest rates with our innovative program!

What Is the Rate Rollback Program?

With the Rate Rollback Program, you can get rates of 2% below today's fixed rate at no cost to you. The Rate Rollback Program offers three years of steep savings on your mortgage. This allows you to ease into today's economic environment over three years' time.

This three-year window of lower rates and lower monthly payments allows time for the market to shift into lower rates. After three years, you may choose to refinance if interest rates fall or keep your rate if interest rates rise.

Our rate rollback program will save you a lot of money when you need it the most!

Your First-Year Savings With Rate Rollback

In the first year of your loan, you can enjoy an average savings between $400 and $600 on each monthly payment through this buydown program.

If you have a loan amount of $350,000 with an interest rate of 5.99%, your lowered interest rate during year one would be 3.99%, saving you $427.24 on monthly mortgage payments in the first year.

Your reduced interest rate cost you nothing and is paid by your lender and the home seller.

Interested in determining your monthly mortgage payment or yearly interest tax deduction? Try our mortgage payment calculator and mortgage tax deduction calculator!

Why Choose Homesite Mortgage for Rate Rollback?

The Rate Rollback Program is exclusive to Homesite Mortgage! Beyond offering a wide range of loan programs to fit every buyer, Homesite Mortgage provides other advantages such as:

  • Customer-focused service and a better mortgage experience than anywhere else.
  • Licensed mortgage bankers trained to offer intelligent mortgage advice.
  • A quick and easy mortgage process, allowing you to close your loan in 18-20 business days.

Homesite Mortgage Can Roll Back Your Rate

If you're looking for low interest rates on your home loan, Homesite Mortgage can help. For the first three years of your home loan, you can benefit from lower interest rates with our Rate Rollback Program. Rolled back interest rates are available for conventional, VA, FHA home loans, and USDA home mortgage programs.

Homesite Mortgage is a premier home mortgage lender that is large enough to offer a wide range of financial solutions to help you buy a home. Yet small enough to give you top-tier customer service, and we'll help you through every step of the lending process.

If you're interested in learning more about how our Interest Rate Rollback Program can help you buy a house, reach out to our bankers by calling (877) 948-4077 or connecting with our team online.